The Empty Threat.

SOPA and ACTA. Two acronyms many digital-native internet-dwellers do not want to hear, even though we defeated them, we don’t want to see them again. This is the first time I have written a poem in a long time. Something political, something personal. Nothing better than my home from home from within my home. That’s part of a verse I had to cut as I ran over one minute. Never mind.

The Empty Threat (My Poetic Eyes) – Rich Hutson

The first switch, boot, beep, and click,
brought the 20th century a new dawn,
connecting those who had never seen nor spoken prior,
a world beyond ours was born.

This world in which we live beyond our own,
we take, modify and enjoy,
they try turning our home against us,
and against us, their forces deploy.

They pitch their idea upon a vain hope,
that we turn our rebellion away,
but we’ll stand, fight, and defend for our own,
in this game they unnecessarily play.

Our silent protest lasted one mere day,
the world of ours went dark,
our superiors were left dazed and doubtful,
we had surely left our mark.

In the battle between people and people online,
those with authority above us stand tall,
they believe they can mould the collective like clay,
when they try and take our all.

Debt, War, Terrorism, Unemployment,
governments perform their duties with a smug grin,
but when faced with millions preserving their digital abode,
it was a war they would surely never win.


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